I have been seeing Julie for several years now and I will never go to any other spa or try anyone else but her. First and foremost, she is very good at what she does (I have tried the laser and chem peel); but most importantly, she is one of the most personable and the nicest person I have met. I always look forward to seeing Julie. She is the BEST!

Carrie R.

Since I have been doing laser hair removal at Aesthetica, I have noticed a huge decrease and facial hair and even better results in my bikini area. Not having the worry of embarrassing facial hair has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I don’t have to constantly pick at my face every morning or worry that people are staring. It’s also nice to know I can just slip on a bikini anytime without the hassle of shaving or seeing red bumps. I am definitely more comfortable in my skin now.

Lily Z.

“I just returned from a visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving and she immediately noticed a difference. I did not even ask. She said, “OMG, Mom, your skin is glowing! What have you done?” I said it must be the Dermapen. :} She mentioned it several times, too. I was very happy. Thank you!”

Karen G.

Julie is the absolute best. Will never go to anyone else

Gladys P.

You cannot put a smile under a microscope. However, I am simply smiling after my second Dermapen appointment with Julie. She  even did my earlobes and my neck! Knowing where to tread lightly and where to tread deeply with the pen is an art. She does this so well. What was the absolute icing on the cake for me was her ability to be on task while at the same time be in the moment during the treatment! I agree with other reviewers. She is the best!

Cathy S.

Went here for a cortisone injection into a cystic acne spot.  Price was the best around, plus she really helped to make sure the excess was extracted.  Will be back.

Kim F.

I have been seeing Julie at Aesthetica Medical Spa for over 10 years. She is top-notch, very knowledgeable in her practice and she really cares about her clients. She continuously gives the best service and recommendations for your skin and takes her time with each patient. She is outstanding and I highly recommend her!

Dena D.

thank you all 
for your love
+ support!